Grown Women Hold Sex Party For Minors

sexmoms.jpgWhen we heard about several teachers sleeping with their students, one of them going as far as having children with one of them, we thought we heard it all.  But now here we are with two women giving a slumber party written write out of the content of R. Kelly’s sex tape.  Well, to be judicially correct, R. Kelly’s “double’s” sex tape. 

Police in Bucks County, Pennsylvania reported that two mothers Angela Honeycutt, 38, and Lynne Long, 45, have been charged with several assault and indecency charges after a sleepover with six teenage boys.  Long held the “sleepover” at her home while Honeycutt provided entertainment. 

Honeycutt, the mother of two small children, allegedly had sex with a 14-year-old and performed sexual favors on the 15-year-old.  Long allegedly watched, listened and instructed the boys not to tell anyone.  That went out the door when one of the boys revealed the escapade to his parents.   Both women have been released from custody after surrendering and paying their own bail.  Go here to view the video and full story.

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