Gas Protesters say ‘Kiss My Gass!’

Well finally someone is stepping up to do something about this gas situation!  And the “someone” is US!  We’ve always been the answer to our gas price misery.  When is the last time you had to actually take a loan out at the bank just to fit gas into your monthly bills?  There are all kinds of recreational vehicles or RV’s that won’t be moving across the street this summer.  Memorial day was like any other day on the road.  The most vacant 95 has been during any holiday.

The Kiss My Gass! campaign will kick-off June 15 and end July 14.  The campaign simply asks that we not buy gas from Mobil, Exxon or Esso during that time.  Easy right?  We should include other gas distributors like BP and Shell.  Yes! Yes! they’re trying to focus on Mobil and Exxon because we buy the most gas from them, but every little bit counts.  To join in the ranks of those who are fed up and ready to protest, go here.

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