Barack Prepares for War


Barack Obama has talked a lot about bringing the troops home and ending the war, but it appears that his own war is about to begin as he makes his trek to the White House.  It’s being reported that the first black man to head the Democratic Presidential nomination is preparing a “war room” of sorts. 

The Obama campaign has been bombarded with negative press regarding his background.  There’s still those who believe they still don’t know him.  He’s been called a muslim even after the “common sense-less” has seen him lambasted about his christian minister and mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright.   The poor guy is making some of the most moving speeches ever heard on a campaign trail to become the next President of the U.S., yet he’s been labeled unpatriotic for not wearing a flag pin.  Give it a rest, you say?  Not gonna happen.  In comes his own personal cyberspace troops to deflect the shrapnel that is sure to rain in his direction. 

The best way to win a fight is to diffuse the situation before it gets started. Obama is showing himself as a great strategist in making this move to implement a cyber team that will combat the online smear campaign that has haunted Barack for many months, as well as, wipe out future attackers.  Read more about the “team” here

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