Youtube phenom Dondria readies release


Jermaine Dupri, who was recently called on the carpet by one of his A-town industry cohorts (DJ Greg Street) for his questionable hit making abilities and copy-cat mogul ways, is in full push mode behind Dondria aka Phatfffat, the first digitally grown artists to get her chance in the R&B spotlight.   

Phat used the insanely popular Youtube network to showcase her skills, covering songs by several popular artists (Keyshia Cole, Alicia Keys, Ciara, Chrisette Michelle, etc), which led to her being discovered and ultimately signed by Dupri to SoSo Def/Island Urban.  She’s about to drop her first studio recorded single ‘Can’t Stop’ on June 17th.  

Are we impressed?  Maybe…  The girl has skills that didn’t get her license revoked for murdering other people’s hits, but there’s something about going from the hair brush and the mirror to the studio to record that leaves a little to be desired.  To be fair, we are gonna blame the material (cookie cutter tracks that you’ll forget about almost as soon as the song ends), because she does have the chops by today’s standards.  C’mon JD…can we get something fresh?!?!

Here she is singing ‘Promise’ by Ciara.


‘Love Is You’ originally by Chrisette Michelle

Now that you’ve heard those, check out her myspace page for three finished studio tracks.


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