LaBelle and Smith Join Jet for Health








Dr. Ian Smith isn’t the only game in town for getting folks health conscious and helping to shed the pounds.  Ebony/Jet has a weight loss challenge themselves…and they are working together.  But also on the ticket of getting healthy and staying fit is Patti LaBelle, who has been quite candid over the years about her battle with diabetes. 

At 64, the legendary singer has partnered with  Dr. Ian Smith to help black America realize a better lifestyle with proper diet and exercise through his “50 Million Pound Challenge.”  The “Ebony/Jet Weight-Loss Challenge,”  Ebony and Jet Magazines, along with, have kicked off a companion campaign that also encourages readers to battle the bulge through diet and exercise.

The June 16 issue of Jet magazine features Dr. Ian Smith and Patti LaBelle on the cover. “I know how important it is as a people for us to start eating properly and exercising and just start doing better things for ourselves,” LaBelle shares with Jet.  “I think people look at me because I’m a diabetic and because I’m menopausal and because I have issues and I seem to work them out.” (p. 58)

You can catch this issue of Jet on stands June 9.

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