Welcome back, Craig…we think.


UK sensation Craig David crossed the pond in 2000 and gained respectable popularity with hits like ‘Fill Me In’ and 7 Days’ from the album Born To Do It.  But as it is with many ‘fad’ artists, the flame became a flicker became a, well….so, off into obscurity he went.  

Now, Heeeee’s Baaaaack (a little beefier and sans the signature pencil thin beard and goatee)!  His attempt at re-entry into the American music game is being led by the single ‘Hot Stuff’ from his new album Trust Me  (apparently already in stores), but we’re not quite sure that this is that single.  It’s an uptempo danceable track, taken from David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance,’ but we think he went a little too heavy on the retro (with ‘Let’s Dance’ being so 80’s defining) and the tempo of the song seems to put his typically smooth vocals under duress. 

See the video here

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