‘Qui,’ daughter of football’s Jerry Rice releases single


How many of those successful in the sports and entertainment fields have spawned little wannabe trainwrecks that ill-advisedly strive to be in the limelight like their parents?  Too many to mention, but every now and then out pops a winner…and by george I think we’ve found one.  Jerry Rice’s daughter Jacqui ‘Qui’ Rice has thrown her hat into the R&B ring and it aint sounding half bad.   For now, check out her first single release ‘Rev It Up’ featuring David Banner:  http://streaming.thinktankmktg.com/audio/qui-rev_it_up.wma

Sounds like a Ciara/Michael/Janet kinda hybrid (kinda wispy), but it works, eh?!?  And I realize Bad Boy’s Cheri Dennis just unsuccessfully came with this vibe, but if you keep throwing them at the wall, one is bound to stick.  What do you think?

13 thoughts on “‘Qui,’ daughter of football’s Jerry Rice releases single”

  1. I love this song, it’s so hott!!!! Great vibe and easy to dance and song along with in the club. Way to go Qui, can’t wait to hear more!!!

  2. You go girl! This song is the bomb! It has a great dance vibe. Can’t wait until the album comes out!! I’m sure it’ll be a “most have”–one for the car and one for the house.

  3. OMG!!! We hear “Rev It Up” on the radio all the time…..and it is slammin’. It’s sure to be a summer hit. Can’t wait to hear the album in its entirety.

  4. This song is bumpin. Persistence is key. Stick with it. I can see you BLOWIN UP.

  5. People around Jackson ask me all the time have I heard the single…it’s definitely hot!

  6. WOW! She’s “the truth”. Met her on the carpet last night @ TAG Records/MTV Pre Party @ Avalon in Hollywood.
    Loved her whole vibe. Hope to hear more from her soon.
    A judges score: 10 🙂

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