The Obamas have seen an unrivaled share of criticism and controversy during their trek to the Presidential nomination.  Barack has had to denounce his pastor and now leave the church where he, as well as his family, have worshipped for 20 years.  The PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE has had to deny allegations of dealings with a terrorist, a slumlord, and various other people of question. Then the cherry on top was a barrage of criticism aimed at his wife for various reasons:  so-called anti-American rhetoric, elitism, plain ol’ fashioned support of her husband to name a few. 

But in their allegiance to Barack, some supporters have given him more grief than aid.  Reverends Jeremiah Wright and Michael Pfleger have tried to speak out for the nominee, but the end result was not good, to say the least.  But nothing not even their well intended support has compared to the latest satiric depiction of the GOP posted by the liberal online media source, the Daily Kos.  A poster/supporter that goes by the name of OneCitizen has run amok in support of Barack.  The portrayal is detestable in what it insinuates, but is it accurate?  But aside from that, is it necessary?  Were the derisive sermons delivered by the reverends necessary?  Hasn’t Obama shown himself to be a stand-up guy?  Hasn’t he run a phenomenal campaign?  Haven’t his speeches been moving and inspirational enough to take a nation to the voting booths?  Check out the picture…does Obama, NOW AS THE NOMINEE, need this kind of help?  Apparently, the Daily Kos has already weighed in by removing it from the site.



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