Brazilian Prison has Great Rooms

What’s a room without a plasma television, gym equipment, and a couple guns?  Oh yeah, and a mere $173,000 is a must-have in the living room. Who’s living the sweet life like this you ask?  Well, let’s just say crime pays in Brazil.

A convict in northeastern Brazil was living large until officials discovered his luxurious lifestyle.  In a statewide crackdown on drug trafficking, Bahia’s Prison Affairs Department head Jose Francisco Leite said police raided the cell on Monday.  Authorities are still baffled after Tuesday’s raid as to how he was able to get all of these things in his cell.

An investigation has been ordered on how Genilson Lins da Silva got $173,000, two .38-caliber pistols and other amenities into his cell at the Bahia’s Lemos Brito Penitentiary. Silva is serving nearly 30 years for robbery and murder and has been transferred to another prison.

Leite says Silva “led a posh prison life in his cell, which he occupied all by himself.”  Well now we know that prison life isn’t all rehabilitation.

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