A Testament to the Devaluation of the ‘King’

Question:  20 years ago, would you have ever thought that the ‘King of Pop’ would guest appear on a track that doesn’t end up making an album?  Well, as a testament to the apparent devaluation of Mijac’s ‘STUperstar’ capital,  he appeared on an Ursh song that was set to be included on his latest release ‘Here I Stand’ but didn’t make it.  Now, I don’t know the politics that went into its exclusion, but it was certainly left behind.  I, personally, think the song is hot and should’ve been wedged in there somewhere (legalities notwitstanding), but I’ll let you listen to the snippet (in which I admit that I didn’t even hear Michael, short of the ‘Rock With You’ beat) and decide:

 ‘Stand’ will go on to sell its millions without it, of course….errr…I think, but dang, you don’t leave the King – who was once your Idol – on the cutting room floor….I’m just sayin’…

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