Ohio Residents Choose Obama…Rumors


Rather than be well informed and read Barack Obama’s autobiographies and talk with volunteers who are spreading the word of Obama,  Ohio’s older residents choose to live in the days of old.  The days when their neighbor’s word and resistance to change was all whites needed to decide on whatever the community would do to maintain their lives in their neighborhoods.  The only problem with that is now they’re not their neighborhoods.  Even if only along the perimeter there are others of a different race, the neighborhood now has to factor them into their lives.

Jim Peterman, a retired worker in Findlay, OH, is confused about who he should vote for because everyone is saying such nasty stuff about Barack Obama.  He is confident that his good friend and neighbor wouldn’t steer him wrong.  Obama must be a Muslim, he must be gay, he must be looking to bring his African family to the U.S. illegally.  So, how does he vote for someone who doesn’t even wear a flag pin and Peterman is from Flag City?  Oh, the agony!  Peterman is 74 and he just wants everything to remain the way it was when Eisenhower was in office.  Read about the residents of Findlay here.  This may give us a bird’s eye view into what we can expect out of Ohio at election time.

Desperate Housewife Part II

trisha-walsh-smith-smaller.jpgYou remember the infamous Tricia Walsh Smith from a past story you’ve seen here…and YouTube.  She’s the woman who was ranting and raving about losing her posh NYC apartment.  Her husband, 15 years her senior, is a Broadway owner and producer who wanted her out of their apartment.  So, she gets on YouTube and tells everyone how he’s threatening to put her on the street, she’s going to be penniless, on and and on and on.

Fast forward to Friday, June 27, and they’re in court and of course, the videos have come into question and Walsh said she had a right to speak out.  She was quoted saying, “We don’t live in the Middle East. I don’t have to walk three steps behind my husband. I’m entitled to get angry and have an opinion.”  Read the full story here.


black-family-smaller.jpgIn July, CNN’s Soledad O’Brien will present an expose on the African American experience like we have not seen before.  The report details the black experience as it has, obviously, never been told.  You will see all the aspects of Black Women and the Family, Black Men, Martin Luther King’s assassination and it’s impact on the black community/thought.  You will be able to have an open view into the multi-faceted struggle that is particular to the black community, yet has no boundaries when impacting America.  The very issue that Martin Luther King tried to impart was that slavery affected all of America not just Black America. 

You can see a preview of the “experience” here.

Celebs Love ‘Illusions’

illusions-janice.jpgillusions-denise-tunnell.jpgBET had its share of parties going on before, during and after this year’s 2008 BET Awards, but the ” ‘Illusions’ Sparkle, Shimmer and Shine” pre-BET Awards party on June 22, was an added bonus to the stars.  The dynamic duo, Janice and Denise Tunnell, who are the owners of the Illusions beauty line, attracted celebs like Lauren London who hosted the event.  The event was held in an exclusive area of Los Angeles called Hancock Park to introduce and bolster the presence of the cosmetic line.  The gala was co-sponsored by Soft Sheen-Carson, Vaseline and Baileys.

Other celebs that showed their support at the self-defined “Ultimate Beauty/Spa Lounge Experience” were: Tasha Smith (our loud and crazy girlfriend from “Why Did I Get Married?”) and her twin sister film producer Sidra Smith; the Simmons sisters, Angela and Vanessa who live in “Run’s House”; actor Darrin Henson of Stomp the Yard and Soul Food; and Eddie’s ex-wife, Nicole Murphy to name a few. 

The Illusions beauty line has a long list of glowing testimonials from all types of celebs that make you want to run out and grab their products.  At least put some lipstick on!  Check out the Illusions line here and check out the event below.

National Parks Become Makeshift Graveyards

national-park-smaller.jpgEveryone wants to be buried in a beautiful spot, amongst family, maybe even friends.  But, some people have taken it upon themselves to forgo the pomp and circumstance and make sure they at least have an awesome place for their “send off.”  The AP reports that the national parks have long been a place of interest for people looking to end it all.  Suicides have happened at the national parks in the past, the first being in 1884 by a 27-year old woman. 

There have been 10 suicides in the Grand Canyon over the last four years, making it the most “popular” in recent years.  This year, there have already been 18 suicides reported in national parks.  No one is always sure what the reasoning is for those who choose to take their own life, let alone how they choose the venue, but surely those who choose the national parks are truly looking for peace.  Read the full report here.

D.C. Residents Finally Get Piece

guns-bigger.jpgWashington D.C. residents are shining up the “peacemakers” tonight.  Well, maybe not because according to Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling, they’re just getting the federal right to own a gun.  The ruling was a 5-4 ruling on the gun law that had banned independent gun use in the District.  The District’s ban against handgun ownership and use was the strictest in the country.  The new law even went so far as to dismantle the present law stating that a trigger lock or “safety” must be present on a gun for use.

It’s strange when you think about it though.  How did they become the nation’s crime capitol all those years?  To read the full story, go to the Wall Street Journal.

The Sky Is Falling! The Sky Is Falling!

armageddon-smaller.jpgDoes it appear that the world is at the brink of its own destruction?  Do you feel like the winds of change are upon us?  Do you immediately break into a cold sweat anytime you see “Breaking News” appear on your screen?  It seems that the writers at the AP would agree with you and for good reason.  They’ve written a compelling article on our “state of affairs.” 

We try to make sense of the many inconsistencies we see in our everyday lives because a sense of foreboding overshadows us if we don’t either put our circumstances into a logical line of reasoning or write it off as well, “That’s just the way it is.  I can’t do anything about it.”  And that is understandable when you see a President as unimpeachable and deplorable as Bush.  Time after time, we’ve seen him commit atrocity after atrocity up close and in our face and by all intent and purposes, he should have been removed from his post seven years ago.  What keeps him there?  Has any spiritual group called him the anti-Christ yet?  Read the story that summarizes our undeniable runaway conditions.

Doug Christie’s Wife Lets Him Die…Almost

christies.jpgNow we may have to confirm this with one of you because we simply can’t believe this could possibly be the truth.  Some of the blogs out there are reporting a mishap with the NBA couple, the Christies.  Supposedly, NBA star Doug Christie and his wife were out eating and he choked on a chicken bone.  His wife, Jackie, calls for help, yet when she gets the attention of a female physician, she doesn’t allow her to help him and begins to pelt the woman with her purse.

 The Christie’s have long been a “controversial” couple.  Several years ago, the New York Times printed a story on their relationship and delved into the “pact” the two share.  For instance, the story details how she attended almost all of his games when he was with the Toronto Raptors, that they re-marry every year, and that he chooses not to look at other women. 

At the conclusion of the choking incident, Doug Christie was quoted saying, “Although I am glad to be alive, I’m equally glad that my wife spared me the indignity of having another woman give me the Heimlich,” he continued. “That would’ve been catastrophic…”  Can this be real?  If it be merely for the entertainment of its readers, the hands down favorite quote from this unbelievable tale comes from the “male” medical student that saved him, Sanjay Mehta.  “I am extremely surprised that this man’s wife did not allow Miss Jordan to save his life,” said Mehta. “If another minute had gone by, he would surely be dead. In my country, this mad woman would have her hands cut off and her vagina sewn shut.”  You read the story and get back to us.  We’ll understand if you need a drink before responding.