Was Alice in Wonderland?

Rebecca and Alice Walker

It appears that a lot of us have taken the “red pill” when we read the recent testimony of Alice Walker’s daughter, Rebecca Walker.  She has delivered a stirring account of her life as the daughter of the world renowned feminist and author Alice Walker, in her memoir “Baby Love: Choosing Motherhood After A Lifetime Of Ambivalence”.  Her interview appears in a british paper, The Mail, and it unfolds as a virtual “Mommy Dearest.”

One excerpt reads:  “My mother’s feminist principles coloured every aspect of my life. As a little girl, I wasn’t even allowed to play with dolls or stuffed toys in case they brought out a maternal instinct. It was drummed into me that being a mother, raising children and running a home were a form of slavery. Having a career, travelling the world and being independent were what really mattered according to her.”

Oh say it ain’t so, Alice!!  Everyone was really moved by the reunion of Celie with her children after a lifetime away from each other.  Or wait! Was that a play on the fact that Rebecca spent her childhood alone?  Because a few other excerpts read:

“You see, my mum taught me that children enslave women. I grew up believing that children are millstones around your neck, and the idea that motherhood can make you blissfully happy is a complete fairytale.”

“She never came to a single school event, she didn’t buy me any clothes, she didn’t even help me buy my first bra  –  a friend was paid to go shopping with me. If I needed help with homework I asked my boyfriend’s mother.”

There has to be some kleenex around here somewhere, but I’m sure we don’t have enough for all the women out there that are feeling “violated” by what Rebecca details as a betrayal of sorts.  But on the other hand, if she’s always “argued that motherhood is a form of servitude” as the lead to the article states, no one should be too surprised.

Rebecca mentions that she now is a mother and her mother has not seen her nor her nearly four-year old son since she told her that she was pregnant.  So, we can only assume that, ultimately, Alice practices what she preaches.  Now someone get Oprah on the phone because we’re certainly curious as to how she will weigh in on this revelation.  Or is it a revelation only to us?


This photo accompanies the article and appears to be a portrait of Rebecca Walker.  Read the full interview here.

-J.C. Brooks

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