Put THIS in your morning coffee!

There’s probably plenty of mothers that can speak for hours on the importance of bonding with your child through breastfeeding.  There are definitely numerous health reports that support breastfeeding children for at least a year…and to be generous, maybe three years, for the purpose of optimal health. But NOTHING on the books has suggested allowing little Hannah or Billy to choose when they should stop….is there??  By three or four (and clearly this is going overboard), they should’ve had enough right?  They’ll say, “Hey, enough is enough Mommy!  Quit pointing that thing at me!”  Nope!! Not even close!  We have proof here that maybe allowing a child to make up his/her mind at too young of age may not be such a good idea.  BUT! Then again, it depends on which side of this argument you fall on.  See and decide for yourself:

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