Sex…No City?

You smell that?  The smell of rotten apple?  Well, don’t worry, it’s just the Big Apple going sour on the idea of its big film premiere….in London.  Apparently, the city is exhibiting their feelings of betrayal on the cover of New York’s “Time Out” magazine.  The magazine slapped a muzzle on the main characters of Sex And The City and vowed to the readers that it would be a “guaranteed Carrie-free” issue. 

At the base of the riff (the magazine is championing for the city)  is the city being passed over for the world premiere of the movie for London.  The premiere was held Monday, May 12,  in Leicester Square.   Organizers for the affair defended the decision through a spokesperson saying, “It was simply a question of logistics and scheduling. We’re still planning the big premiere to be in New York.  Everyone knows New York City is the fifth character. The city is the epicenter of all things ‘Sex and the City.'”  

The full cast will appear with the “girls”, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon in New York for the US premiere on May 27.  Check out that cover!



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