Christian Group Is Hot About Starbucks Logo

A Christian Group out of San Diego has just wedged itself between a Latte and a customer at Starbucks.  The group claims that the new logo on their cups are too provocative and they are ready to boycott.

The logo had been used when they opened the company 37 years ago, but that rendition was a lot more “racy” with fully exposed breasts on a mermaid or a “siren.”  The newer mermaid’s breast are covered.  


The Resistance says the new image “has a naked woman on it with her legs spread like a prostitute,” Mark Dice, founder of the group, said in a news release. “Need I say more? It’s extremely poor taste, and the company might as well call themselves Slutbucks.” Needless to say, it will more than likely be business as usual when you stop by your local Starbucks.

6 thoughts on “Christian Group Is Hot About Starbucks Logo”

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