Was Alice in Wonderland?

Rebecca and Alice Walker

It appears that a lot of us have taken the “red pill” when we read the recent testimony of Alice Walker’s daughter, Rebecca Walker.  She has delivered a stirring account of her life as the daughter of the world renowned feminist and author Alice Walker, in her memoir “Baby Love: Choosing Motherhood After A Lifetime Of Ambivalence”.  Her interview appears in a british paper, The Mail, and it unfolds as a virtual “Mommy Dearest.”

One excerpt reads:  “My mother’s feminist principles coloured every aspect of my life. As a little girl, I wasn’t even allowed to play with dolls or stuffed toys in case they brought out a maternal instinct. It was drummed into me that being a mother, raising children and running a home were a form of slavery. Having a career, travelling the world and being independent were what really mattered according to her.” Continue reading

Put THIS in your morning coffee!

There’s probably plenty of mothers that can speak for hours on the importance of bonding with your child through breastfeeding.  There are definitely numerous health reports that support breastfeeding children for at least a year…and to be generous, maybe three years, for the purpose of optimal health. But NOTHING on the books has suggested allowing little Hannah or Billy to choose when they should stop….is there??  By three or four (and clearly this is going overboard), they should’ve had enough right?  They’ll say, “Hey, enough is enough Mommy!  Quit pointing that thing at me!”  Nope!! Not even close!  We have proof here that maybe allowing a child to make up his/her mind at too young of age may not be such a good idea.  BUT! Then again, it depends on which side of this argument you fall on.  See and decide for yourself:

Can You Hear US Now?

The cell phone mammoths are trying to finally help their customers with some of the expenses.  They’re trying to cut a deal with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to lower their fees, specifically termination fees.  The deal gives consumers the opportunity to cancel service without any penalty for up to 30 days after they sign a cell phone contract or until 10 days after they receive their first bill.  Also,  the proposal would cap the termination fees by reducing them monthly over the length of the contract based on how long customers have left, as reported by the Associated Press from “people familiar with the offer speaking on condition of anonymity because the FCC has not accepted it.”

 What a nice gesture right?  Out of the kindness of the cell phone company’s heart they are extending the olive branch to their customers to make up for shoddy service.   Sounds too good to be true…IT IS!  Of course they have to get something out of the deal. 

The reason they’ll be able to extend such a “bargain” to their customers is that in return for the drop in fees, they’ll get let off the hook of having to pay billions of dollars in class action lawsuits that have mounted. One of the lawyers that represent the people, Pamela Gilbert, an attorney with Cuneo Gilbert & LaDuca, a Washington D.C.-based law firm, said if the FCC gives the greenlight on the proposal, it would save cell phone companies hundreds of millions of dollars.

“The people left holding the bag are the millions of people who paid illegal ETFs (termination fees) and now will never get their money back,” she said.

Where Did the ‘Black Show’ Go?



Ok…let’s seee, ummmm, what year is this, ok, 2008.  The “black” shows on television arrre…Ok, well we have Chris Rock’s ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ that takes a trip back into the 1980s Chris Rock style.  Then we have ‘The Game’ which is a spinoff of the now defunct ‘Girlfriends’, about athletes and their lives off court. Ok, hold on, hold on, there’s got to be another one, ummmmm, [scratchin head] ohhh yeah, how can I forget, the MyNetworktv channel just launched ‘Under One Roof’.  Now if you’re a real ‘Under One Roof’ fan from the mid-90s that starred James Earl Jones, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Joe Morton and the now deceased Merlin Santana, you’d know why Martin Luther King, Jr. would be flipping in his grave by the mere use of the same title for yet another Flavor Flav train wreck.  Can you think of anymore black shows on basic television?  No?  And oops!  Flav’s show is a cable show, so you have to have cable to see it.  Which in these days and times isn’t much of a consolation because just about every household has cable.  So unfortunately, someone’s bound to see it. 

Can’t you remember shows like The Jeffersons, Good Times, Sanford and Son, Diff’rent Strokes, That’s My Mama, What’s Happening!  Not to mention, the black show behemoths, The Cosby Show and A Different World.  We always had something to watch that we could enjoy and feel good about.  We could even dance with our favorite regular on Soul Train later.  And the best part of it all, you didn’t have to pay anything but the electric bill to see as much of these shows as you wanted.

So where did all of the black shows go?  Did they get too deep?  Did they say something to the black family that the networks didn’t like?  Who called in and shut down production?  Can you recall at least one wardrobe malfunction?  Why didn’t the 70s, 80s and 90s black tv shows catapult us into mass opportunities in the new millenium?  Instead, we’re left with a wasteland of programming terrain that is as nostalgic as Route 66 or Harlem’s Savoy or Apollo in its heyday.  We’re peering through the window of possiblity, but no cigar.  There’s obviously no lack of talent.  In what era did we ever have a pure amateur walk off one stage (a singing competition, no less) and lose, then walk on another stage and right smack into an Oscar?  Ain’t but a handful of Oscars on our mantels in the first place.  And we all know how long it took to get those.  

In a story in the Los Angeles Times, the NAACP’s Hollywood chapter president  Vic Bulluck expressed his concern about the lack of representation from black talent.

“We’re very concerned about and disappointed at the lack of representation,” said Bulluck. “It’s something that we’ve been discussing with all the networks for a while, ever since the ‘Bernie Mac’ show left Fox. With ‘Girlfriends’ now leaving, the situation becomes a lot more urgent. The situation as it stands now is unacceptable.”

 Unacceptable is a very good “start” to explain the unfortunate state of affairs when black Hollywood’s only jobs available are “Under One Roof”?

-J.C. Brooks


Thankfully we don’t have to turn on 106 & Park and vote for the “Rape Dat Ho” video out of Memphis, Tennessee.  In fact, it is an amateur production allegedly put together by Mitchell high school students reports Allhiphop.com.  A local CBS affiliate News Channel 3 (WREG-TV) launched an investigation into the video to hopefully uncover the identities of those participating in the video.

YouTube ran the video, but later explained it as offensive and removed it from the site.  The video was entitled “Mitchell High School Memphis… Rape Dat Ho.”  According to Allhiphop.com,  the video seemed to be shot on school grounds, and includes at least seven students simulating sexual acts.  One parent described the video as “sex with clothes on.”  Also, while the students dance, others are seen and heard in the background chanting “Rape Dat Ho.”

In addition to this video, another tape surfaced where similar behavior is being taped and school administrators walk by as though nothing is going on.  The principal has apologized for the incident and the Memphis county school spokesperson has vowed immediate discipline if indeed the students belong to any of the schools in their system.

Christian Group Is Hot About Starbucks Logo

A Christian Group out of San Diego has just wedged itself between a Latte and a customer at Starbucks.  The group claims that the new logo on their cups are too provocative and they are ready to boycott.

The logo had been used when they opened the company 37 years ago, but that rendition was a lot more “racy” with fully exposed breasts on a mermaid or a “siren.”  The newer mermaid’s breast are covered.  


The Resistance says the new image “has a naked woman on it with her legs spread like a prostitute,” Mark Dice, founder of the group, said in a news release. “Need I say more? It’s extremely poor taste, and the company might as well call themselves Slutbucks.” Needless to say, it will more than likely be business as usual when you stop by your local Starbucks.

Sex…No City?

You smell that?  The smell of rotten apple?  Well, don’t worry, it’s just the Big Apple going sour on the idea of its big film premiere….in London.  Apparently, the city is exhibiting their feelings of betrayal on the cover of New York’s “Time Out” magazine.  The magazine slapped a muzzle on the main characters of Sex And The City and vowed to the readers that it would be a “guaranteed Carrie-free” issue. 

At the base of the riff (the magazine is championing for the city)  is the city being passed over for the world premiere of the movie for London.  The premiere was held Monday, May 12,  in Leicester Square.   Organizers for the affair defended the decision through a spokesperson saying, “It was simply a question of logistics and scheduling. We’re still planning the big premiere to be in New York.  Everyone knows New York City is the fifth character. The city is the epicenter of all things ‘Sex and the City.'”  

The full cast will appear with the “girls”, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon in New York for the US premiere on May 27.  Check out that cover!



Comedians Flock Back To ‘Comedy Act’

 The “Comedy Act” theatre in Los Angeles, that gave stage to comedians such as Martin Lawrence, Damon Wayans, Sinbad, Jamie Foxx, Mo’Nique, Chris Tucker as well as many others is set to re-open.  The legendary venue was known as the premier comedy club for Black comedians in Los Angeles during the late 80’s and early 90’s. The club also expanded to major cities like Atlanta and Chicago which gave a platform to other black comedians that have catipulted to superstardom.  Founder, Michael Williams will re-open the club promising to stay true to the formula that made the club a success.

“Not only did the Comedy Act Theatre give Black comedians from across the country a stage to sharpen their skills, it was also known as a hip showcase for the stars and our regular audience of 300 patrons always knew they would get good comedy from a wealth of refreshing Black comics,” says Williams.

Well-known Black comics will help in launching the clubs re-opening.  There will also be a special tribute to the legendary Robin Harris who once performed and was the show’s emcee.  Each Thursday night will feature the biggest and brightest of Black comedians.

“I made a promise to myself to bring back a quality institution that provides opportunities to black comedians and build upon the Comedy Act Theatre’s reputation to support the dreams of future comedians who now see the possibilities of a career in entertainment,” adds Williams.

The launch will take place as Michael Williams presents a ‘Reunion’ for the Comedy Act Planet on Thursday, May 29, 2008 at 7:30 pm at the club’s original location, the famed Regency West, 3339 W. 43rd Street in Los Angeles historical district .