Estelle: unconventional and hot!


Could it be?!?!?! Seems like John Legend’s new label debut Estelle is causing a blip on my otherwise flat-lined music radar.  You know every several years some artist from across the pond will throw a rock over here stateside and knock us in ear; Estelle is poised to do just that.  Along with being a talented singer/rapper hybrid this UK bred phenom is also an unconventional beauty, which is just what we need to break the monotany of what we’re seeing these days in the industry.

With her first single ‘American Boy’ from her new album “Shine,” she’s certainly caught my attention. Check out the vid (featuring Kanye West) here:

And THEN she goes anotha further and  twists it up with this funky little ‘Just a Touch’ from back in the day inspired cut ‘Wait a Minue Just’ that features her label sugar daddy John Legend.  My ears are perking up like a startled puppy.  Check THIS out:


How far will she go?  The Gods only know…the only problem is radio/video channel gate keepers are the Gods and they know just how to barricade the doors of fresh and new…

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