YouTube offers divorce?

A New York woman has tried her luck at a video presentation of what appears to be a plea for help from the general public.  She goes off on her husband, gives up the goods on their relationship and all of this may even hurt them both when it’s time to hit the court, according to divorce experts. 

Tricia Walsh-Smith, is married to Broadway executive Philip Smith who is 25 years her senior.  Her emotional tirade on YouTube has attracted 150,000 viewers.  Some lawyers are calling it a “scary, new step.”

We have attached the video, so you can watch Walsh-Smith go through their wedding album on camera, accuse her husband of trying to evict her out of their apartment, and even hit him with some embarrasing remarks about their sex life.  That part ruins his reputation on the playground.  There won’t be any younger women for a while.

His attorneys say that they are “appalled.”

One thought on “YouTube offers divorce?”

  1. If there was no sex, there was no marriage. He was more like a father to you, if he supported you. He want you to go, then go. Maybe you should have been more of a women and supported him. he have no need for you. you did not even made his dick hard. there was no marriage in the first place. stop crying, you’ll be more hurt for putting this video on youtube. women all over the world would say ur stupid. you have a good chance and fucked it up. did not even suck the man’s dick. you fool.

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