Promoter Uses “Double Up” On Investors

R. Kelly managed to stay away from the courts for a while, but now he’s reeled back in for something unexpected.  The R&B superstar and investors were swindled out of major money during his “Double Up” tour being promoted by Leonard Rowe.

Kelly’s reps announced Wednesday, that yet another lawsuit has been filed against Rowe, who’s charged with fleecing investors for hundreds of thousands of dollars by selling them shares in R. Kelly’s “Double Up” Tour which has a contract that clearly states he is not to sell off shares.

The lawsuit, filed in Atlanta April 11, by Milton Kenneth Peacock of Bowie, Maryland, states that Rowe collected $440,000 from investors for three Kelly concerts in late December and early January.  He then produced an accounting of the concerts to the same investors showing losses that couldn’t possibly yield any profits.

B  ut not only does he go after the investors, he also goes after the person he’s supposed to be promoting, The R.  In fact, the singer has never seen several million dollars owed to him during the tour which, in effect, left Kelly performing for free the last ten days of the tour because he didn’t want to disappoint fans.

“I agreed to let Leonard Rowe promote my tour because he convinced me
he was an underdog who deserved a chance to prove himself,” Kelly said this week. “Like the saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished. I have complete sympathy for all of the good people who were swindled by Rowe and I will do everything I can to help them get their money back from him.”

In February, Kelly took legal action against the promoter for failing to pay and Rowe dropped out of sight.
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