Medical Incredible: What’s Up Your Nose…No Seriously! (Watch)


*I know. That’s a strange question to ask in the headline of a story, but the video is going to be much worse – especially if you’re squeamish.

Yep. That was your warning.

But seriously, did you know that there are people living with a condition called Myiasis? It’s a parasitic infection of fly larva, and you know what a fly is before it becomes a fly right? Well THAT could very well be making a home up your nasal passage.

Still can’t grasp what the heck I’m talking about?

OK, let me say it straight out then. There is a video where a doctor in India did an endoscopic procedure on a patient that shows him removing LIVE MAGGOTS from the man’s nose.

As the singer Lourdes would say, “So there.”

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Freeway Exit Sign Spelled Wrong is Embarrassment to SubContractor

Olympic Blvd

*Dang. We’ve all made spelling errors, but hopefully they were not this big. And I do mean that literally.

Caltrans, the California Dept. of Transportation, recently installed a new sign for the Olympic Boulevard exit off the 710 freeway in Southern California. But instead of spelling it Olympic , it read “Olimpic.”

The mistake was spotted by a construction crew with the agency the next morning, but it was too late because drivers had already saw it, snapped pictures, and placed them on social media. Continue reading

Watch: Indian Family Calls Newborn Son ‘A God’ (Because he was born with 8 limbs)

Indian God

*There is a god in the Hindu faith that was born with 8 limbs.

Now there may be 2.

A boy born to a family in India has been named, “God Boy” because he was born with  4 arms and 4 legs. But the birth has caused problems in the local village where the people believe he is a reincarnation of a god.

Locals in the village of Baruipur, east India believe the baby is the reincarnation of Hindu God Brahma, a deity that is also depicted with eight limbs. People are traveling from far and wide to visit the child with hopes that they will be endowed with good fortune. Continue reading

Want Your Womans’ ‘Private Parts’ to Smell Like Peaches? (So Do These Dudes)


…so they created a product to “git ‘er done!”

An article was written earlier this week that introduced Sweet Peach, a new probiotic supplement said to be a product that would make the private parts of women smell like fruit. But whoa! People have to be careful how they present this stuff because as a result, the response across the internet was understandable outrage: Who the hell were the guys behind this and what right did they have to decide how women’s bodies ought to smell?

But as it turns out, Sweet Peach wasn’t even created by Austen Heinz and Gilad Gome, the two “start up dudes” who introduced it to the world at the DEMO tech conference. Apparently, the men not only  misled people, but they characterized the product totally wrong.

The sole founder and CEO of Sweet Peach Probiotics is Audrey Hutchinson – a 20-year-old woman who describes herself as an “ultrafeminist.” Continue reading

Lighten Up: What This Pastor Hopes to Accomplish By Having Congregation Dance to DJ Snake & Lil Jon (Video)


*What’s wrong with having a little fun? Does having less fun make you any more Christian? These are the questions that may come to mind as you watch the YouTube video that was posted on Facebook showing churchgoers being encouraged by their pastor to dance to secular music.

You know the post went viral, right?

And the church has received heavy public scrutiny because of it. Continue reading

Is It Fair to Sentence this Rapper to Life, Just Because of His Explicit Music?

Rapper may get life for making music
Brandon Duncan aka rapper Tiny Doo (shown on the left)

*I think we can agree that not every rapper makes the kind of music we’d be blasting from our stereo, but damn, if we start arresting them because of the content of the music they make, its safe to assume there will be a serious decline in the free population. Just look at the case of rapper Tiny Doo, whose album – No Safety – may very well put him behind bars…

For life.

Born Brandon Duncan , he made a mix tape that the San Diego County District Attorney’s office alleges is proof that he is an active member of a gang that orchestrated a series of shootings in California. A group of 14 men are currently awaiting trial for the attempted murders, and Duncan has been included in the bunch.

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Just Plain Weird! Man grows nose on forehead, Bat With 6 Ft Wingspan, Heartbroken Woman Spends Week in KFC and more


*Hey, I’m the first one to realize that one person’s weird is someone else’s just another day in the neighborhood. 

But some stuff is definitely worth sharing.

First up, this Chinese man suffered severe nasal trauma due to a traffic accident last year. Somehow, this led surgeons to work on the development of a new nose for the man. But why was the decision made to grown that nose out of — of all areas, his forehead.

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Artist ‘Finger Paints’ Awesome Hyperrealistic Portrait of Actor Morgan Freeman (Video)


*Count yourself pretty hard to impress if you don’t find this portrait of actor Morgan Freeman to be absolutely AMAZING. An 18-year-old British artist used his fingers to create the ultra-realistic picture of the actor – capturing all the characteristics we have come to know him by. The distinguished gray hair, calm, direct stare, on a face punctuated with tiny moles.

Artist Jack Ede spent a period of 137 hours to create this drawing of the actor and documented his step-by-step process via Instagram and YouTube. Continue reading

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