Georgia Man Gets Life in Prison for Intentionally Leaving Son in Hot Car (Watch)


*On Monday a judge couldn’t hit the gavel hard enough as he laid down the law and sentenced a Georgia man to life in prison for what jurors believe was an intentional act that ended up killing his young son.

36-year-old Justin Ross Harris, a web developer for Home Depot, was convicted by a jury in June of 2014 for charges that included malice murder of his 22-month-old son, Cooper. Harris claims he meant to take the boy to childcare, but says he rushed into his office and forgot the child was in the back seat of the SUV for his entire seven-hour-work day!

Investigators discovered Harris, who has a wife, had spent the day flirting with prostitutes online, and also in person with a teenage girl. Continue reading

Kym Whitley and D. L. Hughley Partner with Special Needs Network in 4-Week Gift-Giving Campaign

Kym Whitley
Kym Whitley

*(Los Angeles) — Special Needs Network under the direction of Areva Martin, will partner with actor D.L. Hughley and the D.L. Hughley Foundation; and Young & Hungry star, Kym Whitley, as they embark upon a 4-week journey to collect 10,000 gifts for deserving children; children with autism, and children in foster care.

Coming off of perhaps the most divisive presidential campaign in modern history, the participants hope this season of giving will encourage individuals and businesses alike to help create a new tone and focus for a deeply divided nation. Giving to others in need can be a great help in empowering one’s self, while easing fears and spreading joy.

“Too many families are frightened about their livelihoods, safety, and security in this post election America. Now more than ever, we need to rally together and show each other love and support. That’s why I’m partnering with Special Needs Network for 4 weeks of Christmas giving. It’s the perfect opportunity to spread joy in the midst of a grey and an uncertain time,” explains D.L. Hughley. Continue reading

New Breathometer Device Helps Users Check Oral Hygiene

There are thousands of species of bacteria that live inside the human mouth and roughly 47.2% of adults over 30 have some form of periodontal disease. An easy way for people to determine if there are any existing dental issues is to check their own breath. If a foul smell is coming from a person’s breath, it means that a dentist should be consulted because something is wrong.

According to the Verge, Breathometer, a Silicon Valley startup, has designed a device to provide someone the ability to smell their own breath, which is otherwise nearly impossible. The FDA-approved Mint has a removable mouthpiece that syncs with an application via Bluetooth.

“There are a lot of molecules in your breath and there are a lot of sulfur compounds in your breath,” said Terence Risby, the chair of the International Association of Breath Research. “And clearly, if you have periodontal disease you will have sulfur compounds in your breath.”

The Mint is easy to use. A user just puts it in their mouth, keeping it shut for 30 to 40 seconds to allow the gasses a chance to roam around inside. Then, the user bites down on the mouthpiece. Rather than blowing into it, the device can remove a sample of air released from the mouth and run it through electrochemical sensors that can identify various types of sulfurs. After the testing period is over, the measurements are then converted into an oral health grade. A grade of ‘A’ means that a person’s organ hygiene is healthy and an ‘F’ rating means they have serious dental issues and should seek professional help.

Charles Michael Yim, CEO and founder of Breathometer, stated that breath analysis has been a relatively untapped market despite the science backing it.

“It’s never been properly brought to a consumer market in a user-friendly form factor, connected device experience and so that’s really the opportunity that Breathometer offers,” said Yim.

Tech Crunch reports that Breathometer began selling the device at the end of the summer for $100.

According to the U. S. Census, Whites Will No Longer Be Majority in 35 Years


“We’re in the midst of an epic transition,” Stephen Klineberg, Founding Director of Kinder Institute of Urban Research told Roland Martin on NewsOne. He was speaking of an America where whites will no longer be a majority.

Now before you get too excited, this won’t happen anytime soon. But then again, with the world seeming to spin with a quickness these days, 35 years may be here sooner than we realize.

Yes, we’re talking 2050. Word is there will be no one majority; but the world will be a bit browner, with multicultural and non-white people. Continue reading

‘Oakland Warehouse Fire Claims 30 Lives, Video Tells of Survivors ‘Narrow Escape’ (Watch)

L-R, Bob Mule and Max Moore
L-R, Bob Mule and Max Moore

*Imagine this nightmare: being trapped in a warehouse engulfed in flames, and then being forced to leave a friend behind as you make attempts to save your own life. This is the scenario Bob Mulè, an artist member of the “24-hour artists’ collective” was faced with as a warehouse in the Bay Area was overwhelmed with flames on Sunday.

Mulè, along with the collective’s creative director, Max Moore, gave an emotional on-air interview to the TODAY show on Sunday describing the atrocity.

“He must have broken his ankle while coming down from his loft and his space and he needed me to pull him out,” Mulè says as he describes what happened that forced him to leave his friend, Peter Wadsworth behind. “I tried my best and there was just stuff in the way some stuff had fallen and it was hectic.” Continue reading

Pasadena Playhouse Presents Student Matinee Performance of ‘A Cinderella Christmas’


* (PASADENA, CA)  Happy Holidays! The Pasadena Playhouse (Sheldon Epps, Artistic Director and Danny Feldman, Producing Artistic Director)) announced on Thursday that the opening night celebration of this year’s Panto at the Playhouse, A CINDERELLA CHRISTMAS, on Thursday, December 8, 2016 will be dedicated as a benefit event with proceeds supporting The Pasadena Playhouse Education Programs and a student matinee performance over the holiday season.

The benefit will be co-chaired by Anita Lawler and Julietta Perez. Benefit Committee members also include Darrell Brooke, Renee Chang, Amber Gerhardt, Kathryn Hamilton, Emilie Lanstra,   Elsa Luna, Rebecca Lythgoe, Kris Lythgoe, Pam King, Cherol Nellon, Jennifer Rogers, and Melissa Tyson.

The benefit includes a VIP pre-show reception in the Carrie Hamilton Theatre of The Pasadena Playhouse, including delicious hors d’ oeuvres, desserts, beverages, and a post-show celebration with the cast of A CINDERELLA CHRISTMAS.

Julietta Perez, Panto Benefit Co-Chair, says, “I look forward to Panto at the Playhouse every year because it always such a sensational show! It’s an honor to attend Opening Night, filled with holiday cheer, and know we are helping children attend the theatre and have their first introduction to this magical art form, who otherwise would not have the opportunity.” Continue reading

Students Want OSU Administrator Who Seeks ‘Compassion’ for Attacker Fired

Stephanie Clemons Thompson
Stephanie Clemons Thompson

*Folks ain’t feelin’ an administrator at Ohio State University after she posted a plea on Facebook asking for people to show compassion for the man who drove through a crowd of students on Monday and started slashing them with a butcher knife.

They believe she is showing more concern for the attacker than she is for those he attacked.

Identified as Abdul Razak Ali Artan, eleven people were hospitalized, students fled for their lives — barricading themselves in classrooms — and the man was killed within a minute by a campus police officer. Continue reading

German Man Scams One Bottle Recycling Machine Out of $47,000 USD

Photo: Technicity
Photo: Technicity

A full 90% of Americans say they recycle and reuse plastic bags. One German man, however, took the term “reusing” a little too literally and just received his day in court for scamming a bottle recycling machine out of thousands of dollars.

The man, a drink vendor in Cologne, Germany, manipulated one of his company’s drink machines to use the same bottle thousands of times. He did so by installing a magnet sensor and a small wooden tunnel, where he could insert one plastic bottle into the machine, receive the compensation, and retrieve the bottle without it getting shredded.

The cost of the contraption? $5,300 USD. He was able to extract $47,073 USD, which gave him a profit of $41,773 USD.

The unnamed man reported inserting one bottle into his machine 177,451 times to get this hefty profit. Luckily for him, the recycling company didn’t even bat an eye at this amount, and only became aware once they were tipped off by an undercover detective.

While it’s unknown how long it took the man to earn his reward, he did admit to having a radio by his machine while inserting the bottle all day.

The judge on the case described this exploitation as a “logistical master stroke,” and believed that the defendant must have “done nothing else every day other than attend to the machine.”

He also admitted that he did have a distraction. “I had a radio next to it because otherwise it was really boring,” the defendant replied, according to The Local.

However, the defendant’s lawyer put up a good fight, saying that even though her defendant broke the law, he did not invent the scam. He just simply copied it.

German newspaper Kölner Stadt Anzeiger reports that the recycling company the Deutsche Pfandsystem Gesellschaft is suffering losses in the millions because of this one man’s actions.

The man was sentenced to 10 months in federal prison and was convicted of professional deception.

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