Watch: Shame on This Reporter. Girl Warns She ‘Has to Pee’ on Live TV and She’s Ignored

Reporter Alexis Frazier

*A teen in Greenville, Miss. who was being interviewed by reporter Alexis Frazier on camera about a shooting she had apparently witnessed, warned the reporter that she was going to wet herself. But Frazier ignored her comment, and kept pushing for answers.

Sure enough, seconds later, the girl peed in her pants, right on LIVE TV.

SIDEBAR TO THIS YOUNG GIRL…Baby girl, I’m going to say this right out: I apologize to you for the lack of compassion from this reporter who ignored what you were trying to warn her about. Instead of cutting to the studio or focusing the camera elsewhere, she insisted on getting the details of a story she was working on.

Please know that this was the choice of one individual, and does not reflect those of more seasoned colleagues. –DeBorah B. Pryor Continue reading

Ebony Repertory Theatre Presents Pulitzer Prize Finalist, Tony Nominated, ‘The Gospel at Colonus’

Roger Robinson will star as 'Oedipus' in the upcoming Ebony Repertory Theatre production, THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS.
Roger Robinson will star as ‘Oedipus’ in the upcoming Ebony Repertory Theatre production, THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS.


*Los Angeles, CA (April 24, 2015) Ebony Repertory Theatre (ERT – Founder/Producer Wren T. Brown) announced today that they will present the Pulitzer Prize Finalist and Tony Award-nominated production of “The Gospel at Colonus” starring Tony Award-winner Roger Robinson (Joe Turner’s Come and Gone) as Oedpius.

 The acclaimed production, conceived and adapted by Lee Breuer (Mabou Mines’ Trilogy) and music by Bob Telson (Lincoln Center Theater’s Chronicle of a Death Foretold), is a soul stirring dramatic-musical which takes place within the framework of a Pentecostal church service set against the tragic Greek background of the story of Oedipus at Colonus, in which the exiled king Oedipus seeks a place where he may be properly buried.  ERT’s production, directed by Andi Chapman (Actors Co-op’s Steel Magnolias – Drama-Logue Award for Outstanding Director), will commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the Los Angeles Premiere. Continue reading

Cop Arrested for Buying Crack Cocaine Says, ‘It’s Not for Me, It’s for My Wife’

An obscured Christopher Heredia

*Far too many people today believe the recently documented power-hungry actions of police officers confirm many of them have clearly lost their minds, so this headline may not be anything out of the ordinary.

But still, wonders never cease to amaze us.

So the recent arrest of a Florida police officer who was under the suspicion of a drug purchase in a Walmart parking lot brought about a very strange admission. Upon confrontation, the officer actually told his arresting officers, “The crack is not for me, it’s for my wife.”

Oh, OK. Carry on. As you were.

Yeah. Right. Only in your imagination, buddy. Its as if the officer expected the response to be sufficient. Continue reading

Former Police Detective’s Arrogant Stance on ‘Trail of Black Bodies’ Only Provokes Anger in Huffpost Host

Former detective Harry Houck (left) and HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill debate Freddie Gray’s death on CNN.

*Anyone with a pulse would most likely take offense (or at the very least, question)  at the viewpoint of former detective Harry Houck and his justification for the recent “trail of black bodies” at the hands of white officers.

The death of Baltimore’s Freddie Gray, 25, have given black people one more reason to be riled up. And  on Tuesday,  HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill appeared on CNN‘s “Outfront with Erin Burnett” and unknowingly served as the voice (and temperament) of many who don’t have a platform to pose and argue the questions we have about why it is that white officers appear to so blatantly disregard black lives.

Continue reading

Surgeon’s License ‘Erased’ After He Punches Patient Under Anesthesia in the Face 10 Times

Ninian Peckitt lost his medical license because he lost his cool and punched a patient 10 times
Ninian Peckitt lost his medical license because he used unethical methods to “fix” a patient. He used his fist and punched the patient numerous times, in front of witnesses…Then he denied it.

*This is mind-boggling to say the least. When we go to the doctor and then into surgery and we are “put under,” suffice it to say we entrust the nature of our medical repair to the surgeon. We expect that medical professional to be exactly that…professional. So it comes as no surprise that the unusual and unethical procedures used by a British surgeon while he operated on a patient under anesthesia has landed him in hot water with the medical board.

Professor Ninian Peckitt (pictured above), 63, a leading facial surgeon, has been “erased” from a registry that recognizes licensed doctors in the UK after they learned he had one accompanying doctor hold the head of a patient while he punched the patient in the face multiple times under the auspices of fixing his fractured cheekbone.

Peckitt, who is said to have balled up his fist and struck the patient in the face 10 times, has now been found unfit to practice by the General Medical Council, who has actually brought a case against him. Continue reading

Idiot Alert: Florida Teen in Hospital After Venomous Snake Kiss (Watch)


Austin Hatfield, 18, will probably choose the "get to know you better" approach before kissing another snake.
Austin Hatfield, 18, will probably choose the “get to know you better” approach before kissing another snake.


*You hate to be judgmental, but some people make it a real challenge for you to feel sorry for them when they do downright stupid sh*t.

Take this jackass, an 18-year-old showoff named Austin Hatfield who may not have taken the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, but did something just as stupid, when he tried to play ‘Gimme some sugar’ with a venomous snake.

Now he’s laying in a Florida hospital bed, where even his own relatives wouldn’t recognize him from the humongous lips given to him courtesy of a cottonmouth snake he caught.Teen_bitten_in_face_by_venomous_water_mo_2855070000_17167230_ver1.0_640_480

Continue reading

Virginia Court of Appeals Says ‘Turkey Baster Baby’ Goes to Daddy


*Now readers, before you go mistaking this incident for an episode of “Being Mary Jane” where successful news host, “Mary Jane Paul” (played exquisitely by Gabrielle Union) steals semen from her boyfriend, “David Paulk” (played with genuine swagger by fine ass Stephen Bishop) and freezes it to impregnate herself later on…stop it.

This ain’t that.

As “Elliott” told a friend in the film “ET” who asked why he couldn’t just beam the little alien back up…

This is real life.

A woman who used a turkey baster to inseminate herself with “material” from someone she called a friend, has lost her rights to be the sole parent of the child because an Appeals court judge in Richmond, Virginia has granted parental rights to the man who fathered the child. Continue reading

Popeye’s Chicken Employee Fired for Not Replacing Money Stolen from Her at Gunpoint (Watch)


Popeyes worker fired

*At first glance, in what can only be seen as a heartless action, an employee who was the unfortunate victim of a robbery at the place where she worked, has been fired from her job because she refused to reimburse the employer for the stolen money.

Two additional things make this employer, Popeyes Chicken, look really bad: One, the woman was robbed at gunpoint and two, they fired a pregnant woman whose life was in danger.

It happened in the Channelview Texas eatery; where approximately $400 was stolen on March 31 during an armed robbery that was recorded by the restaurants’ security cameras.

The woman, Marissa Holcomb, was informed by the store manager that she would be fired if she didn’t replace the stolen money.

“I told them I’m not paying nothing,” Holcomb told KHOU-TV. “I just had a gun to me. I’m not paying the money.” Continue reading

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