Chicago Police Tow Car With Deceased Bodies Inside…Public Raises Hell! (Watch)

Chicago street scene after car towed

*Wow. Talk about adding insult to injury.

Three people were shot up while sitting in an automobile in a Humboldt Park neighborhood in Chicago. Two of them were killed. That’s the injury part.

Now for the insult.

When Chicago police repo’d the car and towed it away, witnesses say they did so with the deceased bodies still inside. One of them said to be leaning from the window.

I’m just the messenger, I don’t make this sh*t up.

Chicago residents can be seen on the street in the video raising absolute hell as the incident unfolds before their eyes. James Hawthorne, aka ‘Jhustlecity’ recorded the incident, narrates the scene while doing so and on Sunday, uploaded it to YouTube.

He is the one who asks the question at the top of this article.

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Ralkina Jones, 3rd African American Woman in Two Weeks to Die in Her Jail Cell

Ralkina Jones
Ralkina Jones

*Oh no, not again!

First Sandra, then Kindra, and now another woman has been found dead in her cell after being arrested and taken to jail. This time to the Cleveland Heights jail. This woman, whose name is Ralkina Jones, had been taken into custody for going to the workplace of her ex-husband and assaulting him.

She died in her jail cell bed over the weekend, police say. 

An autopsy was performed by the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner on Monday and spokesman Chris Harris told HuffPost that “no suspicious injuries” to Jones’ body had been reported. But he also said this was inconclusive because “further studies” were being done to determine a cause of death. Continue reading

NYC Principal Commits Suicide After Found Cheating on Common Core Test, DOE Releases Statement (Video)

Jeanene Worrell-Breeden
Jeanene Worrell-Breeden

*The Department of Education (DOE) has released a statement that says the investigation into Jeanene Worrell-Breeden, 49, principal at Teachers College Community School in New York City has been concluded due to her passing.

Worrell-Breeden took her life on April 17 by jumping in front of the B train at the 135th Street station in New York City. It was one day after her 47 students had completed the Common Cores test, a high-pressured English and math test given by the state. They had been working on the test over a three day period.

The test is said to have been especially stressful for Worrell-Breeden, who had numerous personal setbacks; had previously been investigated at another school and wanted to prove herself at the fledgling Harlem-based school.  The principals annual salary was $135,000. Continue reading

Shocking & Disturbing Video: Infant Being Thrown to the Ground By Mentally Ill Mother

Infant thrown to ground

*A disturbing video has surfaced that shows a Memphis, Tenn. mother in the throws of child abuse as she hurls her 19-day old son away from her like the trash on the floor while telling the man off camera to say “In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.”

The video was revealed on Friday (July 24).

The footage, which shows the mother calling on God, also shows another older child, crying frantically, who has been sitting on the woman’s lap being encouraged to kick the infant; yet screaming “I don’t want to.” The infants cries are heart wrenching, but the abuse continues as the woman is seen dragging him around by his arm.

The identity of the woman has not yet been revealed. But what is even more shocking (if that is possible) is who was filming the  13-minute video: the child’s father, who is heard saying, “I ain’t got nothing to do with this.” Continue reading

Cops So Busy Being Inappropriate With People, K-9s Left to Die in Hot Cars

Baston, a K9 officer with Savannah State University police
Baston, a K9 officer with Savannah State University police

*Four police dogs have died over the past five weeks in the hot car of their human colleague after being forgotten as the cop was most likely off being inappropriate with some civilian.

One such dog was known as Baston (pictured above).  He was a 7-year-old German Shepherd that was left in his owners car after the owner fell asleep inside the house after bringing in the groceries.

When the handler realized the dog was still in the car, three to four hours later — with the windows rolled up and the engine off, he rushed the dog inside and placed it in a cool tub of water. But it was too late. Temperatures were greater than 95-degrees that day. Continue reading

Alligator Found Strolling Down the Streets of ‘The Big Apple’ (Watch)


*Well dang, New Yorker’s are probably known for their “I’ve seen it all” posture.” They are known to be tough, resilient and no-nonsense. But in black-folk-speak: I’ll bet they asses ran like hell when they saw a three-foot alligator strolling across Ninth Avenue and 205th Street in Inwood on Thursday afternoon.

I’ll bet all bets were off like a mo-fo with that tough, I’ve seen it all before exterior.

The reptile was captured and taken to the Animal Care & Control of New York City, but died unexpectedly since then, according to the Associated Press and the New York Daily News. Continue reading

Teenage Girl Found Hanged in Her Jail Cell, One Day After Sandra Bland (Watch)

Kindra Chapman
Kindra Chapman

*Oh god. Let’s hope this isn’t the beginning of a trend.

With the mysterious death of Sandra Bland still leaving us with more questions than answers, very few of us even realize that another young African American woman was discovered in the same way, just one day later.

Kindra Chapman, 18, was found dead in her jail cell in Homewood, Alabama. Her death is being called an apparent suicide after she was discovered with a bed sheet around her neck.

Chapman’s death comes only one day after Bland’s, but less than an hour-and-a-half after she was booked into the jail. Continue reading

White Privilege on Blast: You Won’t Believe What This White Woman Did to Cops & Didn’t Get Shot (Video)

cop car crashed by woman

*White Woman Led Cops on Hi-Speed Chase, Head-Butts Officer & Tries to Grab His Gun, Then Steals the Cop Car

..and yes, she lives.

Talk about white privilege. And it was caught on tape. The whole two minutes and 32 seconds of it.

Whew! Where do we begin with this story of blatant white privilege. A woman obviously high on something does more to incite police brutality than any number of the African American men and women could even think of doing, and the reversal of how she is treated WILL BLOW YOUR MIND…Or not! In the video, the first thing you hear the officer tell the woman, after she has sent them on a high-speed chase in her own car, and head-butted a deputy as soon as she gets out of the car:

“You are not going to get shot at all, you hear me?”

As he tries to restrain the hysterical woman, who, later in the video begs to be shot, you can see the cut on her forehead, where she head-butted the deputy once she got out of her car (which stopped after she crashed it!) Continue reading

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