Marine Service Dog Stricken With Cancer Gets Final Farewell…in Grand Style

*He served his country well! Cena, a beautiful 10-year-old Black Labrador, was recently diagnosed with terminal bone cancer. On Wednesday, hundreds gathered for a final farewell in Muskegon, Michigan, as the dog took a final ride with all the bells and whistles afforded a military hero. He was then  euthanized at a museum ship in and carried off in a flag-draped coffin.

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‘It’s the Pride Y’all!’ (What in the World is Happening With These Lions?)

*Guys, let’s take a break from the pain that has become our everyday news. I ran across a video you just HAVE to watch! Lions! But peaceful lions. The strange event happened in Kruger Park in South Africa. Its as if the lions are going through some kind of ritual.

Generally lions and human together are a dangerous mix, but this video has something magical going on.

Even the humans in the video are stunned. They are stopped in their tracks.

The music alone, not to mention the ritual of The Pride in the video (scroll down) is downright hypnotizing. I am not sure what in the world is happening.

It’s like some kind of “Day of Reckoning.” Haunting! No one speaks and no lions roar. Yet there is an understanding that something very special is happening here and you can sense the respect between the Pride and the humans.

…and that music tho’.

The video is a little over 18-minutes long, and oh, don’t let the title of the video fool you. I am still wondering what it has to do with anything. It’s a beautiful experience all around.

It will be best if you are wearing headphones, you will definitely get the total experience.

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Growing Up Black: What Do You Recall From Your Childhood (And How Has It Shaped Your ‘Now?’)

*I’ve had the opportunity to live in several cities and I must admit, each of them hold fond memories. Let’s see: I was born and lived in New York — Brooklyn’s (now gentrified) Bed-Stuy area — when I was but a wee child. I don’t really remember much of it. But somehow, my strongest memory is the time I was frightened out of my mind as I ran up the stone steps of our Brownstone. Neighborhood children were chasing me with a “toy” that was a stick with a fake worm wrapped around it.

I tripped on the way up those stairs and knocked my front tooth loose. 

OK. Maybe Bed-Stuy is not a fond memory.

Then there was the Bronx. Here, my dad was the building manager (at the time the title was the “Super”) and we lived in a spacious apartment underground. We literally went downstairs through a gate, below the surface of the sidewalk. That’s where we lived.

Let’s see: I recall a woman, a white woman, got drunk and somehow ended up on the roof of our six-story building; where she fell off…right onto my dad’s car on the street below — shattering his front window and denting the hood. I can still hear the barrage of expletives he commanded on that day. Showing no sympathy whatsoever for the poor girl.   Continue reading

Look At These Creative ‘Acts of Revenge’ On Cheating Partners (Hilarious!)

*Hell hath no fury like a lover scorned, right? And from the creativity put into some of these revenge tactics, saving face is becoming much harder to maintain. Here’s a handful of tactics girlfriends and boyfriends employed after they learned the other was cheating. I mean some of these things took some real time, and money, and a lot of thought to pull off.

Let’s call this one: Steven, you really effed up, dude!

Why have the traditional “Garage Sale” when you can personalize it by having an “Ex-Husband Sale?”  Continue reading

Tech Company in Wisconsin Implants Microchips In Employees (Watch)

*A tech firm in Wisconsin has convinced 50 of their 80 employees to allow them to implant a microchip into their hand. They didn’t even have to work hard to convince them. The company told them that this way, it will be easier to unlock the office doors, log into their computers, and even get snacks from the vending machines. My mama told me there’s a fool born every minute.

Here’s further proof she was right. 

According to ABC news, the voluntary intrusion is being called a “chips and salsa party” and Three Square Market will be the first company in the U. S. to implant the microchip — which will be implanted in the skin between the thumb and forefinger of any employee who volunteers.

Of course the company is sure to state they will not intrude on any of the employees personal infrastructure.

I don’t know, it seems kind of akin to handing a stranger my credit card, but trusting they won’t use it.

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‘It’s 2017!’ Atlanta Waitress Furious When Guest Hands Her Menu with Swastika Drawn on It (Watch)

*Every time someone mentions to me how sick they are of L.A. because of its high cost of living; and adds they are moving to Atlanta because they can get more bang for their buck I tell them, “Go right ahead. It’s still Georgia!” Since I grew in the segregated south, I must admit: I’m traumatized. I don’t trust living there ever again.

I don’t get to visit often, even though that’s not the reason. I have family there that I would love to see more often. But honestly, it just dawned on me today after speaking with my brother about a possible visit next Fall, I would even be skeptical eating in a southern restaurant not staffed with Black folk in the kitchen.

Now, I find this report. A man at a restaurant in the Buckhead area of Atlanta hands his African American waitress a menu with additional content drawn on it.

A swastika.

Pretty bold, huh? I hope you’ll join me in hoping she spit in his food!

According to what waitress Shelley Sidney shared with Georgia news station WSB-TV, the incident occurred last Thursday while she was waiting on a private party at Antica Posta in the Buckhead area of Atlanta.

She recounted it as the most “blatantly hateful thing” that she has experienced. 

I get to the last person in the party, and they give me a menu that has a swastika drawn on it,” Sidney said. 

Making bad matters even worse, Sidney thought she was doing the responsible thing when she immediately shared the incident with her boss, owner Marco Betti.

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This Beautiful Labrador Rides the Bus to the Park — Alone — Every Day (Watch)

*Anyone who has taken the time to recognize, knows how smart dogs are. I marvel at what they actually understand when a human talks to them. According to statistics, dogs have the ability to understand at least 165 words — generally simple commands like sit, walk, ball. I know our dogs go nuts the moment we say the word “walk.” So much so that we now have chosen to spell it out instead: W-a-l-k. This way, we figure, our girl dog (who we often have to remind that contrary to her belief, she IS still a dog) will be less stressed from hearing the word that is not always followed by the action. Just because we say the word does not mean you are going on one.

We were safe for awhile. But now I swear she has learned how to spell too.

I recently became aware of a story that reiterates this domestic animal’s ability to learn. Eclipse, a dog that is a cross between a black Labrador and a Mastiff, takes the bus every single day to the park so she can run and play.

No joke. No lie. We’ve got the video.

She’s a big deal in Seattle, and is often a talking point for many of its radio stations. But each day on the bus she undoubtedly runs into a good Samaritan who doesn’t know her story; thinks she is lost and attempts to help — until the bus driver lets them know, “she’s fine. She knows what she’s doing.” Continue reading

Kids And Their Brutal (But Funny) Honesty…Take A Look At Some of Their ‘Wrong’ Test Answers

*OMG. I dare you to say you’ve never LOL at some of the things your kid may have said in absolute innocence. I came across the funniest examples of some of their test answers recently. I can only imagine the teacher correcting the papers. They may have got the answers wrong, but they sure did provide that teacher (and now us!) with one good laughs.

Take this one.

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