Spider Bite in Her Sleep Leaves Woman With a Hole in Her ‘Paralyzed Arm’


Lauren Reid was left with a hole in her arm from the spider's venom
Lauren Reid was left with a hole in her arm from the spider’s venom


*As creepy as it sounds, its a reality that we get bitten by bugs even while we are in bed. I’m not talking about bad housekeeping. I’m talking about those hot summer months; when a house with no air conditioner must rely on an open window – and mosquitoes, ants, crickets and god-knows-what gets through that screen on the window. Next thing you know, you’re awakened by something crawling and you’re swiping it off your arm or face.

This is what happened to one woman, who suffered much more than a bite by a bug. She was actually paralyzed and spent four days in the hospital after being bitten in her sleep by a spider. And the creature left something to remember it by: a nasty hole in her arm from its venom.

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North Carolina Teacher Shares ‘Bucket List’ With Class: ‘I Would Kill All Black People’ (Watch!)


"I would kill all black people if I only had 10 days to live" is what Kimberly Ashcraft allegedly told her math class.
“I would kill all black people if I only had 10 days to live” is what Kimberly Ashcraft allegedly told her math class.

*OK, so let me get this straight so that I can accurately pass it on to you: We all know what a “Bucket List” is right?

For those who may not, its a list of things you may have never gotten to do, but really want to do before you die. For example, you may want to visit Paris or Spain or Africa; you may want to hit the lotto, or even teach school. Well, when one North Carolina teacher was sharing her Bucket List to students, she allegedly told them that she would kill all black people if she only had one week to live.

Add to that, she has since returned to class.

African American students in particular must still be in shock after witnessing the insensitive and utterly nasty, racist remark of Camden County High School math teacher, Cynthia Ramsey. It was a parent who contacted the school and told them that the teacher had allegedly said if she only had 10 days to live she would kill all black people, after discussing her bucket list with the students.

Kimberly Ashcraft, the mother of the student who reported the incident told  WAVY-TV,

“She conveyed to me that Mrs. Ramsey had indicated that if she only had 10 days to live that she would kill all black people,”  Other students were around, and confirmed that the teacher had made the remark.

“I was completely shocked,” Ashcraft said. “I asked her again, ‘are you sure that was what you heard?’ I could not have imagined a teacher saying that.”

"I would kill all black people if I only had 10 days to live" is what Kimberly Ashcraft allegedly told her math class.
“I would kill all black people if I only had 10 days to live” is what Kimberly Ashcraft allegedly told her math class.

Though Ramsey was suspended without pay following an incredibly quick “investigation,” she was right back in class (and at her job as the math department head) within two days; even though numerous students contacted the sheriff’s office and told a similar story.

“I was very disappointed to hear that she was back in the classroom so soon,” Ashcraft said. “As a parent, I felt compelled to come forward and tell somebody, because this was not only in my opinion a direct threat to the black children in the school, but also black people in the community.”

Superintendent Melvin Hawkins told WAVY that:

At this point, our main concern is to investigate this incident thoroughly, and collect the facts. This is a personnel issue, and it is confidential until resolved. We are following protocol in this investigation and student and school employee investigations are confidential.

Watch the video report directly below and read more at Crooks and Liars.

Photo of Woman Who Gouged Out Eyes With Pencil Goes Viral, Nurse Sued (Shocking Photo!)


*A Los Angeles-based nurse who decided to take a photo of a female patient who had gouged out her own eyes with pencils, is being sued – along with the hospital and its administration – because the photo has now gone viral on the Internet, according to the patients’ attorney.

The unidentified plaintiff, purposely not named in the lawsuit, was treated at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center in 2012 after she attempted suicide by jamming the pencils through her eyes at another facility and was rushed to the hospital, according to her lawyer, Douglas Johnson.

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‘Aww, He Didn’t Know’ – Drug Suspect’s Dog Leads Police Right To Him (As He Crouches in Back Yard Bushes)

dog who led cops to drug dealer

*No Spot, bad doggie! This is most likely what was coming out of the mouth of one man who is now behind bars. According to Reuters, Alabama police located a suspected drug dealer, but not by their own efforts, with the help of the suspects dog. The suspect was apparently hiding in tall grass near his home and his ever-loyal companion – “Bo” – probably thought it was a game as he wagged his tail enthusiastically and led the officers right to him, police said on Thursday, according to Reuters.

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‘Let’s Do This!’…Curious About What Some Executed Criminals ‘Last Words’ Were?

*It may be hard to believe some of the hardened criminals who received death sentences went down fighting, so to speak, even while in the face of death. Although it is said that during this time, we become most honest, I tend to think it’s going to go one way or another: Either you’re going to be a wimp and start crying; or you’re going to be mad as hell, and start cussin’.

No in-between.

So I decided to research (with the help of Bored Lion) some of the ‘last words’ of folks who were actually killed for their crimes and I was actually surprised by some of them. You may be too. Continue reading

Dignity Gone Buh-Bye: Man Has Operation to Remove Large Eel-Like Fish From Anus (Graphic Video)

Not the actual eel-fish up the man's you-know-what...You've gotta scroll down to see that one!
Not the actual eel-fish up the man’s you-know-what…You’ve gotta scroll down to see that one!


*It probably would not be a stretch to say your first response after reading the title of this article is “Ewww,” and your second, laughter. Not a cruel laughter, just the kind of laughter that says, “I am so embarrassed for you.” So you can imagine how the Brazilian man who had to have surgery to remove a large eel-like fish from his bowels felt, when the nurses charged with the responsibility started laughing at him during the operation.

Of course no human with any sense of dignity would actually release his identity, and this man was no different. But we do know that he is from Londrina, Brazil and somehow, he got a South American Lungfish stuck inside his anus.

And yes, the removal was filmed, and you can see it at the bottom of this story. Continue reading

Woman Caught With Cocaine Package in Her ‘Lady Parts’ at Florida Airport (Video)

kathy ann ferguson

*A woman arriving on a flight from Jamaica landed in South Florida with a package she just knew had its own safe and discreet hiding place. But it didn’t take long for authorities to figure out the woman was hiding drugs – namely cocaine – in her vagina upon her arrival at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

KathyAnn Ferguson, 26, was abruptly arrested shortly upon landing at the airport Sunday afternoon, according to a Broward Sheriff’s Office arrest report released Wednesday.

Ferguson, from Hollywood, was charged with cocaine trafficking and later released on $15,000 bond. It was unknown if she has an attorney. Continue reading

Man Arrested for Illegal Pot Possession Tells Cops ‘I’m Denzel Washington’

Justin Lee Seay (L) Denzel Washington (R) Comparison? Naw...
Justin Lee Seay (L) Denzel Washington (R) Comparison? Naw…


*Mr. Washington, if you’re reading this, a 21-year-old Tennessee man has obviously got hold of some bad stuff. He wanted officers who arrested him for possessing weed illegally to believe that he was you.

As far as I know, he told them this with a straight face.

But the officers were apparently no dummies. They told Justin Lee Seay of Memphis – and I quote – “You’re not fooling anyone” right before they realized he had also violated his probation on a separate case. Continue reading

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