Watch: This Young Brother Met an ‘Angel’ at Krogers in Memphis

Chauncey Jones Black
Chauncey Jones Black

*You need help carrying your bags? Chauncey Jones Black said something to this affect, when he offered to carry a man’s bags at a Memphis Krogers store he had taken the bus across town to …in hopes of getting someone from “the rich people’s Kroger” on Highland to buy him something to eat. The “something” he hoped for was a bag of donuts.

No telling how often young Mr. Jones depended on this strategy but…

Today was his lucky day.

He met Matt White.

Chauncey, as it turns out, lives with his mother; and the two of them were living in hard times. According to NewsOne, Black had told White that coming to the store was the only chance for him (and his mother) to eat that day.

White, a man with rock-star looks (not the drugged out kind), not only accepted the 16-year-old’s offer, but got to know him as the two of them shopped for food. Continue reading

Downs Syndrome Child Wasn’t Invited to Party, Moms ‘Open Letter’ Goes Viral

Downs Syndrome kid

*I worked in the special needs industry for seven years, and I know that the children and young adults afflicted with conditions such as Autism, Down Syndrome and the entire spectrum, have the same wants and needs as any individual when it comes to love and acceptance. Which is why it hurts my heart so badly to hear about a child being excluded from anything because of a disability. In this particular case, Sawyer, who has Down Syndrome, was the only kid in his class who did not get an invite to a classmate’s birthday party. His mother chose to deal with this hurt by penning an open letter to the birthday boy’s family.

In “An open letter to the parent that thought it was OK to invite the entire class to their child’s birthday except my son,” Jennifer Kiss-Engele begins by clarifying why she feels it is so important for her to write it. I am “sharing this because I think it’s a valuable lesson for all and I’m trying to educate & advocate more…” Continue reading

Drunken Denver Diner Leaves $1000 Tip…and Comes Back For It The Next Day


*I always wanted to be a waiter.  Yes, I’ve heard how hard the job can be, and I don’t dispute that, but I’m always looking for a good side hustle, and I have been told repeatedly over the years that I’d make a killing on tips.

So I can’t imagine having to give a tip back.

That’s the gist of the story from a restaurant in the Denver area. One of the waiters there recently received a tip of $1,088 for a dinner of around $60.

(I once left a 100% tip for a meal, but I was hitting on the waiter and more than got my money back later that night. But that’s a tale — and a tail — for another time.) 

The restaurant’s owners were thrilled to receive the big tip…but skeptical, so they held on to the money for fear that it was a mistake.

It was. Continue reading

A Cure for Cancer: Physicist Hadiyah-Nicole Green May Be on to Something

Hadijah Nicole Green, Physicist
Hadijah Nicole Green, Physicist

*As far as this writer is concerned, this news should be sung from the highest mountain tops. I can confidently say that we all have lost too many friends, known and unknown, to cancer. Now, “WE MAY BE ON THE VERGE OF A POSSIBLE CURE FOR CANCER!” And further, it gives me great pleasure to know that the breakthrough comes via a beautiful black female physicist named Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green.

Green is currently working to advance a cancer treatment involving lasers and nano-particles that will target cancer cells. Thanks to being awarded a grant valued at $1.1 million dollars through the Veterans Affairs Historically Black Colleges and Universities Research Scientist Training Program, she is now free to continue her work on this groundbreaking procedure.

Green, 35, is only one of less than 100 black women physicists in the United States. She is the first in her family to attend college and in 2012, she became the second African American woman to receive a PhD in physics from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). Continue reading

Gun Shop Owner Fatally Shot In His Own Shop…By One Of His Own Gun Safety Students


*With the recent massacre in Orlando, discussions about gun control are at an all-time high.  People are fairly passionate, I have friends who are polarized on the issue, and I lean towards the “there’s no place for guns in a modern, civilized society” camp. Others say that responsible gun owners have a place in modern society.

I’m sure members of James Baker’s family are having second thoughts about that.

Baker used to own a gun shop in Amelia, Ohio. His former shop used to hold regular firearm safely classes.

The classes will probably continue, but Baker won’t be a part of them. He doesn’t own the shop anymore because he was fatally shot by a student during one of the gun safety classes. Continue reading

Swollen Head Pit-bull Defies Animal Cruelty Odds, Watch Angry Elephant Charge at Arnold Schwarzenegger

Swollen pitbull

*Some cruel asshole decided to tighten a 6-pound chain around the neck of a one year old pit bull named Roxanne, and set her loose. The poor thing was found wandering the streets, her head swollen to the size of a watermelon from dragging the heavy chain.

The chain is reported to have  made up more than 10 percent of the pooch’s body weight.

Rescuers were doubtful if the dog would even survive, but she was taken to a vet who cut the chain with heavy bolt cutters and was then immediately rushed into surgery.

swollen dog 2

But where there is a will, there is a way. And this little doggie had nothing BUT will! She not only survived the terrible and cruel ordeal, she survived BIG time.

Just look at the joy and gratitude in her eyes!

Pitbull after surgery

And if the cruel son-of-a-gun reads this, once you get to hell, I hope you rot there!


Watch: Angry Elephant Charges at Former California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger

This bad-ass elephant could give a damn about the man who played the role of Terminator. During an African safari, the former Governor rode around in a jeep to get a look-see in the large mammal’s territory and came up on one who was obviously not in the mood to be gawked at.

He came at the jeep with a fierceness!

The former politician and actor, who seemingly didn’t even break a sweat, laughed and said on Instagram, “I couldn’t have written this safari encounter better if it was a movie!”

Sista Married to Jewish Man Who Sired 23 Kids, Said to be ‘Livid’ (Photos)


Ari Nagel with one of his many sired children. This one is named Zoe Harrison
Ari Nagel with one of his many sired children. This one is named Zoe Harrison

*Lordy. Lordy. Lordy. And his precious jewel ain’t raw yet? I’m sorry, but this is the first thought that comes to mind as I read about a man who loves “making women so happy” that he spends most of his life going into the bathrooms of stores that you and I frequent (Target, Starbucks) to masturbate and put the results in little cups welcomed by the anxious hands of grateful women who long to have children, but can’t afford the expense of sperm banks.


Meet 40-year-old Ari Nagel, a not-bad-looking-at-all Jewish man, who has proudly sired 23 children (over the past 18 years) with women of every race, sexual orientation and hell, you name it!

But Roxanne Nagel, the sista he has been married to for 12 years and sired three children ages 2-12 with — the one whose communal income has surely been tapped to help with the child support payments (Nagel says although the women agree not to sue him when they begin the strange relationship, five of them have… successfully) has never been on board with his contributions.

When an article initially came out in The Post publicizing the CUNY Kingsboro math professor’s um…donations, the publication caught up with Mrs. Nagel (scroll down to see her) outside of the couple’s home, the only thing she would say is, “I have nothing to say. What’s done is done.” Continue reading

Welfare System Pulls Former Law that Penalized Poor Women for Having More Babies

women and babies

*Thanks in huge part to the efforts put forth by California State Senator, Holly Mitchell (D-Los Angeles), who led the fight to do away with the policy that penalizes poor women (and their children) for having babies while on welfare, the law has been lifted. The “Maximum Family Grant” is a policy that came out of the state of California’s reformed welfare system in the mid-90s and attempted to discourage poor women, usually of color, from having more babies while on welfare by exempting them from receiving additional monies once new babies were born.

Legislative advocate Jessica Bartholow said it best, “No child should be treated differently under the law simply because they were conceived and born while their parents were poor.” Bartholow advocates for women and the poor at Western Center for Law & Poverty, and she is all for the reversal of the law known as the “MFG Rule.” Continue reading

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